Primary and secondary Real Estate in the Costa del Sol

The real estate market in Spain, and in particular in the Costa del Sol region, is vast and diverse and offers real estate of various types. Unwittingly putting a choice in front of potential buyers between primary and secondary housing.
Primary Real Estate 
This section includes real estate at the stage of development and new construction.
The Costa del Sol region has a large number of construction projects, only in our company 4 unique projects are being built at the same time. And in September of this year we put on the market Villa Rio Verde.
With such rates of market growth, the purchase of real estate at the initial stages of construction opens up the opportunity for investors to purchase at lower prices than after the completion of construction.
Another significant advantage is the ability to choose housing in a certain area, which includes a set of certain qualities you need.
Prices for new housing in Spain are considered to be the lowest, so foreign buyers are eager to invest in new properties.
Judge for yourself, the market offers many of the most interesting options: stylish, energy efficient and eco-friendly, modern open-plan facilities that satisfy all the needs of the buyer. Such living space is easily rented out. And also sold already with all the necessary documents and licenses.
Secondary Real Estate
Resale real estate in the Costa del Sol is in no less demand among foreigners than the primary one.
This is due to the fact that:
1. You can immediately choose the location you are interested in with a developed infrastructure around. Whereas new buildings are most often built in remote areas.
2. You can bargain and get a good discount from the seller. This is a common practice in the secondary real estate market. The negotiated price very often depends on the condition of the property, consumer demand and the desire of the owners to sell faster.
3. Fast moving in and saving money. You do not have to wait for the completion of construction and connect various utilities. Often houses are sold already connected to all necessary communications and furnished.
 Whatever your choice, Investhome has a wide portfolio of properties of both types and will gladly become your guarantor at all stages of the transaction.
We sincerely hope that this article was helpful to you. We also want to clarify that the InvestHome team is always ready to help its clients.
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